About Animal Charm Designs

Animal Charm Designs is a greeting card and gift company focused on fun and uplifting animal and nature inspired cards and gifts that bring a bit of joy and encouragement to the world. ACD cards are colorful, funny, and meant to delight, bring happiness, and charm (of course!). 



    About Me

    Hi, I'm Tina. I'm an illustrator, maker and creative explorer. I started Animal Charm Designs to put something positive and fun into the world and as an outlet for my creative ideas. It combines the things I love most– animals, art, humor, and encouragement into one place. I believe this combination creates the perfect vehicle for delivering a tiny bit of happiness into the world. It truly gives me joy, and I hope I can share this joy with others.
    Over the years, one of my favorite past times has been visiting card shops and searching for the perfect card. I could spend hours browsing through the racks, sometimes smiling to myself at the dry humor, sometimes laughing out loud at a clever punch line. Regardless of what was going on in my life, I always found such joy in this small block of time and left the store feeling a bit lighter. 
    Humor and encouragement are exactly what the world needs. It may not be life altering, it may not bring world peace or change things in a big way, but sometimes it’s the tiny things that really make a difference in our lives. Cards give us a way to share and connect with others, to brighten someone’s day, a way to bring some humor or comfort to someone just when they need it most.
    Thank your for visiting my shop. I"m glad you're here. Please stay awhile and have a look around. 







    Meet the Animal Charm Wild Flowers!

    No team is complete without a few wild flowers. They each have important roles to fulfill (which they take very seriously!). 

    Bailey - Alpha Lead and Scheduling Manager for meals and exercise. Heads security for package delivery and chipmunk and squirrel detection.

    Buster - Therapist (part-time), social event manager and acting lead investigator of absolutely EVERYTHING.

    Daisy - Plus size model and external consultant. Daisy served as the inspiration behind the Animal Charm icon.